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Kane Lab presents at SERMACS (San Juan, Puerto Rico)!

Bob and four group grad students visited Puerto Rico to make presentations at SERMACS.

Jordan Mattke kicked off on Wednesday with an oral presentation (paper 109) reporting results from his work in Dr. Naziruddin's lab: "The release of the sulfonamide Toll-Like Receptor-4 inhibitor TAK-242 from surface modified cell surfaces attenuates allogenic immune responses in a in vitro co-culture model"

Chloë Sells and Peyton Little followed with posters #809 - "Design and Synthetic Progress Towards Two Small-Molecule Prodrugs for Use in Drug-Eluting Cellular Transplants" and #810 - "Effect of Covalent Cell-Surface Modifications on a Hepatocyte-Mediated Clotting Cascade". Both posters reported results from the work of both Peyton and Chloë - a truly collaborative effort!

Finally, Jessica had the encore presentation and closed the show with oral presentation #899: "Synthesis and characterization of improved β-eliminative linkers for the bioconjugation and sustained release of the TLR4 inhibitor TAK-242 (Resatorvid) for applications in transplantation"

It was a fun and productive meeting for all!

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